Food & Drink

What we will be feeding/serving you?

Friday Night.
On Friday evening from 6pm, we will be serving up a simple bolognaise with crusty bread to soak up all
the yummy sauce and for the veggies and vegans there’ll be a delicious 3 bean stew.
Followed up by locally made and totally yummy flapjacks.

On Saturday morning, a cooked breakfast will be served between 8am and 9am. There’ll be eggs, bacon,
tomatoes, freshley baked baguettes delivered that morning by a local bakery, as well as fresh fruit and a
limited amount of cereals for vegans.
At 12 noon, come over to the outdoor kitchen and collect your preferred Plougmans Style Picnic Lunch Bag.
Chose from cheese, Italian cold meats or quiche, all served with red onion chutney, coleslaw, cherry tomatoes,
carrot, pepper & cucumber sticks and crisps. There’s something for everyone.
On Saturday evening The Peppered Pig arrives and will be cooking a fantastic BBQ. All their meats are
locally sourced and fed the best diets going. Grass-fed beef, free-range pork and local lamb. It’s
great stuff, and all from the South East of England for a fresher, better service.
They’ll be serving up delicious sausages, burgers and marinated chicken thighs, sweet potato falafal burgers,
gluten free rolls, fried onions, salads, dressings and wraps. Plates and utensils are eco friendly and
biodegradable. Check out their web site for more information

A full English breakfast will be served on Sunday morning with cereals and fresh fruit from 8am to set you up for your day.

We will do our very best with the food we will serve, please bear with us as we are in a field and not a proper
kitchen, so it may be quite simple, but very tasty. Vegetarians and vegans are catered for as much as possible, but if you have a serious allergy, please let us know.

Remember, you can help yourself to tea, coffee, squashes and water at the refreshment area at any time, if
anything has run out, please do ask a member of staff and we’ll replenish straight away. Please note that the
electric urn providing the hot water will be switched off at 10pm and switched back on at 7am, this is for
safety reasons. If you do need hot water during the night, please ask a member of staff and we can give you a
thermos flask.